Hey Yall,

Welcome to my blog. So you may be wondering why on earth I decided to start my own blog. Why indeed?

Firstly I want you to know that this is something I have prayed about and thought about for the past year(and not like when people say a year but actually mean a few months but for the past year!).

Like so many of you my family and I spent 2020 indoors and away from so many of our usual distractions. I think that’s why I could take a minute to pause and think through my own life and really take a minute to look at the lives of those around me. I remember getting on the phone with two friends of mine and just saying how I wish I could say or do something to encourage the hearts of my friends, to speak truth into their lives about how precious each one of them are and to just be there for those around me. Well that conversation sparked off the idea in one of the girls to write a blog. “A blog? I thought, “No way! I’m not qualified to do something like that, I’d have no idea what to say or write and I just don’t think I could do something like that.” The response I got is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life “L none of us are qualified to give anyone else advise and no one has this life thing all figured out but maybe if you share your story and share what you’ve learnt and are learning in your life, well maybe then you can encourage someone else and maybe they will share their own story and you can be encouraged too. Because when we begin to share our hurts ,struggles, fears and disappointments as well as our triumphs ,joys and successes then we begin to realize that we are all not that different and that we can all learn something from someone else.”

And so I’m sharing my story, the good, the bad, the things I’ve learnt and seen. This blog will be a space to be real and honest and vulnerable and I hope you will feel the same. It won’t be an advise column or a fix it manual but it will be the story of how a girl with the grace and goodness and faithfulness of God is doing this thing called life. I believe that God’s purposes for you and me are GOOD and there’s no way I could tell my story without including Him as the Author. But even if you don’t have a relationship with God can I ask that you don’t stop reading? I feel that there maybe something here that may encourage you too. Is this blog really for you? Yes it is! Because I am writing this with you in mind, my dear friend and I hope you receive it as a gift from a friend.

Oh! One more thing. The title: That friend Of Mine?

Because my life would be impossible without the women that God has strategically placed through out my life. People who’ve laughed and cried with me, prayed over and sang with me, watched cheezy hallmarks with and sat through the gravest moments with me. To the women who’ve been there at 2am when I’m studying and at the 12:30 tests days. You all have been a testament to how if we share our struggles and best moments we allow those around us the space to be real about their own lives and to grow. Thank you for letting me be real with all of you!

Well here we go, I hope you enjoy this.

Lots of love, Your friend


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